Camp CHAOSity

A week of artistic discovery for kids
Joy. Collaboration. Empowerment. Community.
Improv, Music & Writing


Camp CHAOSity is a week-long opportunity for kids to freely explore their inner performing artist - be it musician, writer or comedian. We offer an atmosphere where open expression, clear articulation and profound listening are strongly encouraged. The kids will learn collaborative creation, how to fail spectacularly and be asked, "What do you think?" many times over. Deep friendships, lifelong memories and deep belly laughs are likely to occur.

Inclusion, teamwork and inherent respectfulness are the standard - an environment where our inherent differences are utilized as strengths. Camp Chaosity is a space for kids to be themselves, to grow, and to form a deeper understanding of themselves and others. Our goal is to have these kids emerge from the experience with a broader acceptance of others and a more confident awareness of their own artistic abilities… like they learned a new superpower.

Over the week, we’ll be working with:

  • Improv Theater: Improv Comedy games and exercises & Playback Theater (dynamic improv theater based on audience stories)
  • Music Performance: Musical expression with voice and percussion (and any instrument the kids already know). We’ll work with music improv, structured pieces they create, musical theater and parody.
  • Creative Performance Writing: Comedy skits, dramatic scenes, slam poetry, storytelling and stand-up comedy are some examples. Non-performance writing will also be available if there is interest.  

The camp will learn both a whole group and sometimes in two factions, where one staff focuses on improv and the other staff focuses on music.  There will be breaks for lunch and snacks. The camp will provide an outline of daily activities but also allow for collaborative changes in a direction that serve the camp awesomeness.

Camp CHAOSity LLC is a mobile performing arts school based in Denver, CO, offering performing arts classes, workshops and camps for kids and adults.








7ish and up (grade school and middle school) Some activities will be grouped by younger and older ages. Some activities will be all ages. And older kids will be paired with younger kids, in a mentor-buddy system.


Early Bird Price: By May 1: $300 ~ Normal Price: After May 1: $350

We want everyone to participate that wants to! Sliding scale slots per camp are available for families with limited financial means. Contact us to discuss.


Hearthstone Cohousing Camp

June 24-28 from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Final Showcase: Friday June 28 at 6pm

Hearthstone Cohousing Common House 4700 W. 37th Ave. Denver, CO 80212


Campers will bring their own lunches and snacks. Kitchen is available for heating up food.


Camp CHAOSity Forms: Registration, Medical, Code of Conduct & Photo Release (.pdf)








Heather Clisby is a writer, performer, photographer and storyteller who can’t sit still. She lives in America - mostly Southern California and North Dakota, with significant time in Colorado and Mississippi. She has performed comedy improv in Los Angeles, San Francisco and here in Denver with Rodents of Unusual Size and The Denver Wigs.  She spent many years as a professional journalist, editor, blogger and organic farmer but now runs her own firm, ClizBiz Communications, leading workshops and handling clients in technology and healthcare.

She is the founder of the annual Smile Train Comedy Improv Festival, a fundraiser for the cleft charity. (“Local Laughs For Global Smiles.”) Now in its ninth year, the event has funded over 100 facial correction surgeries for children in developing countries. She has led improv workshops for both kids and adults, most recently at Hearthstone, where the kid-only workshops culminated in a community performance.

When pondering the future – both political and environmental - Heather has one persistent thought: “We’re going to need an army of comedians.” Camp Chaosity is a step towards that vision.

Since these are cohousing-centric camps, we thought you might want to know that Heather is a former Resident and current Associate of Hearthstone Cohousing in Denver, CO.


Since 2004, John Shapiro has been robustly self-employed teaching private singing, guitar, piano and music lessons to kids and adults in the West Highlands neighborhood of Denver, Colorado.  And more recently has started an adjunct career as a mediator and coach. Before that, he was a software engineer, lived and studied abroad in SE Asia for a year, and worked at kids summer camps and child care centers.

John has a BA in InterArts Music from Naropa University with a minor in Early Childhood Education. And has a lot of workshop experience and several certificates in leadership, group dynamics, conflict resolution, and improv theater. He also is a long term, serious mindfulness practitioner.

Since hatching the Camp CHAOSity idea with Heather after taking one of her Listening Workshops, John’s been thinking: “I’m super excited to infuse performing arts I’ve always been passionate about: music, improv theater, and creative performance writing with kid-centric community building and awesome communication skills in the fun, contained-chaos of a kid’s day camp. It’s going to be great!”

Since these are cohousing-centric camps, we thought you might want to know that John is a current Associate of Hearthstone Cohousing in Denver, CO and lives a couple blocks away.








"What a wonderful show! The kids were clearly having so much fun and Heather and John taught them so much."

"I couldn't believe my son was hosting part of the show! He told me he hates public speaking but he had a great time."

"Our kids were still singing the song John taught them on our family vacation."

"My daughter is so painfully shy and yet, you certainly couldn't tell that tonight!"


"I liked the camp because we could make up new characters ourselves. Fun to watch them come to life."

"I never understood how important dialogue was to building a scene before this."

"Can I do camp all year instead of go to school?"




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